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Name:Gilderoy Lockhart
This is a profile for marauder era Gilderoy Lockhart.

Name ♥ Gilderoy Lockhart
Birthday ♥ Unknown
Family ♥ His doting Mother(Glinda Lockhart) and Father(Ambrosius Lockhart, deceased)
House ♥ Ravenclaw

Personality ♥
Gilderoy Lockhart may seem like a rather unlikely fit for Ravenclaw but behind the foppish, cheerful and rather vacant facade lies a young man who, despite his poor grades, is quite intelligent in a very different way. Greatly talented at promoting himself, Gilderoy has already gathered an impressive all-female fanclub in his years at Hogwarts and his polite manners make sure he's to be a favorite of the Professors, most of which will turn a blind eye to his cheating and complete and utter failure at magic. His only good subject is Charms, in which he excells. Gilderoy is generally a sweet, friendly lad and if you're willing to put with constant bragging and fibs about his adventurous life outside Hogwarts, you'll have yourself a good if bothersome friend who, although not terribly loyal, will definitely cheer you up when you're feeling down.

Random Gilderoy facts ♥
- Gilderoy Lockhart is a pureblood wizard.
- His favorite color is lilac.
- Dreams of being famous one day, although he's not sure how yet.
- Feels as if he deserves said fame because he's just too good looking not to be.
- Is obsessed with hair care and fashion. And dental hygiene!
- Gilderoy considers everyone his fan and/or best friend. Everyone.
- He used to be quite homesick in his earlier days at Hogwarts.

Shipping ♥
Although no one loves Gilderoy as much as Gilderoy, I am willing to ship him with all kinds of characters. He's playfully, innocently flirtatious with absolutely everyone; male, female and pygmy puff alike.
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